Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Outpour

Errick’s hopes for this experience are pretty simple when it comes down to it: to inspire, to spread the Word, and to live. The lack of recent blog posts is not due to fatigue or a dive in his health, but rather due to the decreased amount of pain Errick has had with each week, which allows him to spend more time playing with Hudson as well as the ability to even work a little, which is great for his state of mind! Errick is currently undergoing his fourth and final round of straight chemo. This cycle and the previous cycle have both resulted in several heart spasms again, but he made it through last time, so we are very thankful he was still allowed to stay on the current treatment plan and are very hopeful he only has to press on through tomorrow (Sunday) and we'll be in the clear.

Errick will go on Monday September 13th for another PET scan to see if the 4 rounds of chemo worked to stop the progression of the cancer as well shrink the original developments. We will discuss the results with his oncologist on Wednesday September 15th and if all looks good, Errick will start his daily treatments of chemo (new drug, pill form) along with daily radiation for 6 weeks.

We wanted to share a few tangible gifts with you, but wanted to make sure we didn’t undershadow anyone or anything. From silent prayers and containers of tangerine Altoids to prayer shawls and photography sessions, each and every thought, action, gesture has touched our hearts equally. If we can help the business of a few folks, we’d love to show you the talent of some of our followers.

We constantly feel “wrapped in prayer”; however, we can literally be wrapped in prayer by the following items.

Our church group back in Florida made Errick a prayer blanket and many members of the class signed a patch that was sewn onto the fabric. Here is Errick at his first chemo treatment getting ready to "wrap himself in prayer."

The officiator at our wedding as well as close friend made a beautiful prayer shawl with various colors & meanings. I enjoy “wrapping myself in prayer” at the hospital because Errick likes his room as a meat freezer, but who am I to complain. ;-)

A buddy of Errick’s from high school married an incredibly crafty young lady that enjoys the art of quilting among other things and put out a “call to action” to create Trudy’s Arse Kicking Quilt. Here are pictures of the resulting front and back sides and the following link is to the making of this "wrap of prayer."

I also wanted to share a few of my favorite photos from a very special visit. 7 of Errick’s closest friends were all able to make a trip up to the lovely Grand Rapids, MI pretty quickly to spend some time with Errick just after his first chemo treatment. They literally flew over 1,000 miles to “hang out”… and, of course, to pray on him.

We had another special visit by two amazing friends that live near Washington DC, a fabulous couple that oozes love and respect for each other. The husband has recently taken up photography and happened to bring his camera along on our daily adventures. Here are a few favorite pics, but please see the links below for additional pieces of art.

Along the topic of photography, we’ve actually had two scheduled photo shoots. We are anxiously awaiting the masterpieces from a local photographer, but would like to share one favorite photo and the following link below from a local photojournalist that so brilliantly captured the love of our little family in a cherished slideshow.

*For best viewing, hit “pause” first, then change the “360p” to “720pHD” at the bottom right of the picture viewer, then make it “fullscreen,” then “play.”

We hope this brings you up to speed on the amazing things that are happening in our life and truly hope everyone is fully aware that the shortest of prayers to the big man above is incredibly appreciated and never held on any other level than the rest of the outpour of love and generosity we’ve been receiving.

God Bless,

(Here are a
few more
to document
The Outpour.)


  1. I'm sure that neither one of you know me personally, but I went to NHS while Errick was our quarterback, and went to church with Wes and steven. We just recently heard about all that is going on and wanted to let you know that my family is lifting you in prayer now. Glad that things are feeling a little better right now. ~Lee Anne

  2. I love this post! What amazingness to hear (and see) about all the kindness that has been shown to you. You've got some crafty talented friends, guys. :)

  3. This is the best blog yet...why?...the lack of entries is due to a decrease in pain and an increase in play time with Hudson and even work does'nt get any better than that. What wonderful news. And what a testimony to what a terrific person you are, all these gifts and tributes. Such wonderful friends and so many who truly care and love you. This blog made me cry with happiness. You both are truly blessed and for good reason.

  4. The photo of the guys praying is so precious. It moved me to tears!